In Episode 75 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your host Catherine Campbell and the producer Jason Pyles talk about how to connect people to your ideas through marketing.

We discuss the four brand archetypes that seem to be the four best ways to distribute information to your audience. These four archetypes are The Scientist, The Giver, The Nanny, and The Spy.

These are not to be confused with the 7 Storytelling Archetypes.

The Scientist Brand Archetype is the kind of brand that presents new research and tests the status quo. The Giver Brand Archetype is generous in its contributions of education, knowledge, attention, and outward focus. The Nanny Brand Archetype takes care of people and establishes trust and authority through nurture. And the Spy Brand Archetype presents ideas in a secretive or confidential way, making the business’s messaging seem like an exclusive invitation. Join us to learn more!


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