Welcome back for Season 2 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast! We shall resume with Episode 76: The Pros and Cons of the Toddler Principle. For this season, your host Catherine Campbell is now joined by the producer Natalie Pyles! (Yes, Natalie and Jason are married, and they work together as podcast co-producers.)

In Episode 76, we introduce you to “The Toddler Principle” in marketing, which acknowledges customers as independent, unique forces while still maintaining authority over them and knowing what’s best for them.

With the Toddler Principle, we (the business) give them confidence that we know who they are, without placing them into a narrow box. The objective is to find and hone the message that will resonate the best with your customers.

We also talk about “The Optometrist Principle,” in which you offer the customer two or three choices. And when you have three levels of a product or service and you tend to sell the middle option the most, we call that “The Goldilocks Principle.” Listen to learn more!

“It feels customized, and yet you (as the business owner) are still operating within a process that streamlines everything you have to offer, but it still feels customized for that particular person.”

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