We used to think of women as just one large subset of the population, but now we understand that this subset is actually made up of tinier segments that have significant buying power if we treat as unique individuals. But how do we market to women?

There has been an explosion of individuality and how people can express their individuality.

“There is such a fine line to walk when you’re saying, ‘Look, we created this thing that’s just for women, or we’re recognizing that a lot of women are asking for these features in our product and we haven’t made it yet, so let’s make a separate product that’s targeted just for them, without making them feel like you’re forcing them to cross that line over into a product that’s just for them.”

Today we are talking about products or services that level the playing field for women. They’ve been a long time coming:

– co-working spaces

– investment services

– customized bras

– makeup that comes in more than five shades

– products that reflect women’s values: cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, extra sizes, etc.

Join us to hear more about new ways to market to women! Thanks for listening to the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast.

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