How long have we been watching the systematic withering of print media? Each year more newspapers and bookstores seem to be closing across the country. Many print sources continue to migrate to their parallel, digital incarnation. So, what about advertising? Is print advertising dead (or dying)? It’s a fair question, but you might be surprised by the answer.

In Episode 80 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hosts Catherine Campbell and her producer Natalie Pyles discuss what is becoming of print advertising in 2018. According to, about $25 billion will be spent on print ads in 2018. It turns out that magazines are making an artistic comeback, of sorts.

Take note of recent magazine designs: They are high quality and beautiful. Magazines make wonderful gifts, and even though it costs a little more, they are often being produced in more environmentally friendly ways.

During this episode, we also talk about the benefits of browsing your local bookstore and taking note of which types of print ads are appearing in magazines in your industry. We discuss using some of your budget wisely to use print ads for some increased brand awareness. But just remember, they are not intended for lead generation. You can hear more in Episode 80. Join us!

Listen now:

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