“When you look at the brands that have built themselves over the decades and have had staying power, one of the reasons why they do is because they have an incredible story. People know the story by heart, and it makes them feel good. That’s where the value of the brand comes through, and that’s where the staying power comes through.”

In Episode 82 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, we discuss how meaningful, story-driven campaigns increase the likelihood of someone doing business with you by 6.6 percent. Brands that use storytelling to create a meaningful connection with their customers gain — on average — 46 percent more market share. Marketers or business owners whose brand stories are masterfully told drive significantly better returns for team members, for customers, and for their revenue or bottom line.

Storytelling is a natural gift within us all. We’ve heard the following concerns or objections from business owners:

– I don’t know what to say or post on social media this week.
– I don’t know how to answer when someone asks what my company does.
– I struggle with my elevator pitch.
– I don’t think our origin story is really exciting.

Rest assured, we’re here to tell you that all these concerns are based on a misconception that storytelling is this fluffy, lofty pursuit. The falsehood that it’s nice to have a story, but not necessary. Or the incorrect notion that story isn’t the lifeblood of the brand, but in fact, it actually is!

What seems to psych most business owners out of storytelling is the technicality of it all. They stiffen up at the idea of mastering the craft of storytelling, so they just avoid it altogether. The idea of character development, customer on a journey, plot, drama, etc., is terrifying.

All the above is perfectly understandable. That’s why we have created a proprietary method and walkthrough course to help business owners who are stuck. The course is called Signature Brand Story. It’s an eight-week program that launches on August 1, 2018. Be sure to sign up before July 15, 2018, so you can join our free class! Go here to find out more.

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