A huge congratulations to Bright Planning client Jennifer Guthy on the launch of her new business, Root & Prosper Consulting.

Root & Prosper offers strategic consulting and implements systems for different industries to streamline those “boring” yet crucial processes that can make or break one’s success: accounting, payroll, finance, human resources, and project management.

Jennifer Guthy began her professional corporate experience at age fifteen. She provided accounting and financial analysis for thriving domestic and international companies such as Guthy-Renker, Elsevier Publishing, and AECOM (ENSR). For the last six years, she turned her focus to building what she calls “customized business platforms,” the heart of Root & Prosper’s services.

In 2012, Jennifer was asked to be part of a team planning to open a brewery in Asheville. As CFO of Wicked Weed Brewing, Jennifer created the scalable foundation that helped build the brewery from the ground up to a highly successful and nationally-recognized multi-million dollar business.

Jennifer consults for companies of all sizes, but specializes in start-up growth. She is actively seeking new business clients. Book your time now, because Jennifer’s expertise is unparalleled in the area and is definitely in demand.

To learn more, visit Root & Prosper at: http://www.rootandprosperconsulting.com