Their opinion affects your bottom line.

Whether you operate a brick-and-mortar business or an online company, other people’s reviews matter.

You need reviews of your business: positive, frequent reviews. 

But it’s not easy.

Getting customers to leave reviews seems like a daunting, cross-your-fingers task.

You feel like you don’t know when or where reviews will appear and you don’t have time to track it all.

And negative reviews can keep any business owner up at night.

91% of your potential customers are reading reviews online right now..but are they reading yours?

We offer a monthly reviews and reputation management service at an affordable monthly rate to help you grow.


Bright Planning’s team will first perform a FREE analysis of your business’s reputation. There is no obligation to work with us after receiving your report.

  • If you’re doing great, congrats! We’ll give you the stats to show off to your team.
  • If we identify areas of improvement, you’ll clearly see what needs work in your free report. Upon hiring us for Review Management, we’ll quickly get you better results within 30 days.

Free Reviews and Reputation Analysis

Receive your free review and reputation analysis. 1) We'll look at your current online profiles and reviews. 2) We'll discover where reviews are listed for your business that you may not be aware of. 3) We'll analyze 8-10 specific factors. 4) We then present the results to you in a report via email.
  • We need to know the main address to verify the business listed and ensure your reputation is not confused with a similarly named company.
    NOTE: If you are a franchisee and only operate 1 location, mark "no."
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Pop Quiz:

You’re new to the area, you’re hungry and you want to order a pizza. You grab your phone, do a quick search and the following pizza places show up…

<—-As a new customer, which one would you choose? 

The Power of Reviews

Did you choose Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria?

Why your brain chose that one: you first visually narrowed down your choices by their average star rating. You’re looking for the best, tastiest pizza! Then, you chose the establishment with the most reviews because it automatically signals to your brain that this restaurant is popular, probably for a good reason.

It’s called “social proof.”

And you need to build proof for your business year over year.



73% of consumers think reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant.


84% of people trust online reviews.

Our monthly reviews service includes:

  • Increasing the total # of your reviews
  • Increasing the star rating of your reviews
  • Increasing frequency of reviews
  • Setting up “attraction campaigns” that prompt customers for reviews without being annoying or aggressive
  • Capturing negative reviews before they’re published online
  • Assisting with removal of rigged, fake, or incorrect reviews
  • Helping you craft thoughtful responses to good & bad reviews
  • Embedding reviews regularly on your site and social media
  • Providing you with a monthly report so you can sleep better at night

You choose a monthly or annual plan that fits your budget and goals.

NOTE: We do not purchase or manufacture fake reviews and we cannot remove negative reviews. We help you get more authentic, heartfelt feedback from your current and past customers. 

Fill out the form to receive get started and your free analysis.

Our service integrates with most platforms, including:

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