We’re committed to a triple bottom line, and we donate a portion of our revenue each year to worthy causes in Asheville and abroad. Social giving and supporting environmental causes are two parts of our business model. The particular charitable giving efforts are made on behalf of Catherine’s son, Thaddeus.

“Thad was born without his right hand. Today, he inspires children and adults in his community by defying limits placed upon him by a ‘disability.’ His journey with and without prosthetics has required courage, creativity, focus, and experience: the four pillars to succeed in anything.

In honor of Thad and other children like him, I donate a portion of our annual revenue to nonprofits that raise awareness of limb differences as well as provide resources and access to care for children and adults.” –Catherine

You can read more about our 2016-2017 nonprofit recipients below.

Featured Nonprofit Organizations

Enabling the Future

e-Nable is the initiative formed by volunteers all around the world, dedicated to improving accessibility and affordability of prostheses for both children and adults by 3-D printer technology. This innovative movement provides community support, access to prosthetic blueprints, and will even match those with upper limb differences to “limb makers.”


Hope For Children

Hope for Children provides access to food, healthcare, safety and education for children in developing countries. We–Bright Planning–are specifically dedicated to supporting their outreach programs in Sri Lanka and elsewhere that build and provide prosthetic limbs for disadvantaged children.