Recruitment coach Mark Whitby recently hired Bright Planning to develop marketing content for his popular monthly guest webinar series at Recruiter Training Online.

Whitby, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, has helped over 10,000 recruiters in 34 countries with career and business development and is recognized as LinkedIn’s #1 recommended recruitment coach as well as a worldwide pioneer in the industry.

The monthly webinars feature guests from around the globe and cover a variety of educational topics to specifically help recruiters grow their independent businesses. Topics include: sales tactics, psychology, shifting trends, communication skills, cold calling and more. The webinars are included for those who hold RTO membership and are available to the general public.

I am thrilled to continue my business relationship with Mark Whitby and implement ongoing marketing strategy while developing content for his company and measuring message results.

For more information about The Recruitment Coach, please visit his website here.