Profitable landing pages.

Three of the most beautiful words in the content marketing dictionary. The trouble is, business owners spend days on end crafting a message that may or may not work.

You might have spent tons of cash driving traffic to a sales page that does nothing for your bottom line. Or, at least you want to avoid that scenario. You’re in the right place.

This article will shield you from this frustration. First, take out a ledger pad and a pen, or open up a blank word document. (Please and thank you).

We’ll wait…

Now that you have your note-taking tools ready, we’ll show you how to perform individual litmus tests on landing page performance. After that, we’ll show you examples on how to write remarkable landing page copy that generates conversions.

The result: saved time, more profit, and ROI.

Landing Page Diagnostic

The following litmus tests are designed for business owners who are either thinking about writing a landing page, or already have one up and running. If you complete each exercise, you’ll know the exact moves to make.

Test 1: Identify the Audience

Understanding your audience. It’s the chief commandment of profitable landing pages. If you write to a crowd, instead of an individual, your content amounts to doodley-squat.

It boils down to creating an audience profile. Building a buyer persona indicates knowing nearly everything about your buyer—i.e., what drives her to want something, the pain and struggle that keeps him frustrated.

Litmus test: write a paragraph about a typical day in the life of your customer avatar. If this task is easy, you’re ready to begin your landing page.

Test 2: Position the Value

Even if you’re generating leads with a free offer, an audience requires value. Profitable landing pages center each syllable on building tangible value. Our recommendation: get ridiculously specific.

If you have a program that allows users to gain X within Y time, shed light on that fact. Generalities will get you nowhere, but concrete value leads to profitable landing pages that continuously build your revenue cycle.

Litmus test: pencil in a few bullets on a ledger pad, about four or five. Write down specific, data-based benefits you’ve delivered to your audience. If you can do this, you’re one step closer to creating the perfect landing page.

Test 3: Answer the “Why?” Question

“What’s in it for me?”

This is the principal question landing page traffic asks. When that question is answered, the landing page has done its job. If the audience member keeps asking, then it’s time to head back to the drawing board.

Litmus test: Pretend you’re a buyer that lands on your company’s landing page. If you already have a page up and running—great! Read through the content and ask the why question over and over. See if the landing page content delivers a response.

Test 4: Determine and Bypass Objections

There is something that stops your prospects from purchasing. Money, time, and low self-esteem all contribute to low sales. Your landing page must not only accurately forecast these objections, but provide credible reasons why the gain outweighs the output.

Litmus test: list every objection you’ve heard from a prospect. Ask yourself whether or not you’ve ever addressed these concerns in your messaging. If you haven’t, head to your landing page and make amends.

Test 5: Be Clear about The Action

A profitable landing page must have one goal. And every syllable must drive your traffic to accomplishing it. It could be a direct sale, making a phone call, or signing up for a newsletter.

Have you been crystal clear about that goal? Or do you shy away from asking your prospects to take action?

Litmus test: Nothing kills a landing page faster than multiple goals.

Look at any copy you’ve written and see how many objectives you’re asking people to complete. If you haven’t started working on your landing page yet, identify the goal of it first, and then start writing.

Test 6: Know the Traffic Source

From where do you attract your landing page traffic? Facebook? Email? LinkedIn? Customize your landing page copy in a way that calls out where your traffic arrived from. Any number of split-testing software will allow you to customize variant pages.

Litmus test: Ask yourself how traffic generation is working for you. If you’re not seeing people pour in from one particular source, cut that from the marketing funnel plan. Wasted investment dollars do not a profitable landing page make.

Test 7: Engage on a Personal Level

Address her dreams, pains, terrors, and downfalls. Tell his story. Broadcast where they want to go, and show them how you’re the one to help them get there. And use “you,” so that you literally speak to audience members in a individual manner.

Litmus test: Go through existing landing page content. Mentally circle all the moments you mention your business without focusing on the customer avatar. Then re-engineer that content to focus on the buyer persona.

Test 8: Fascinate and Intrigue

Stories. Human beings love stories. Think about it: books, movies, television, even visual art all tell stories. Without this staple, every popular entertainment medium would go belly-up. Why should marketing content be any different?

Litmus test: Take out a pen. Write down a 3- to 4-sentence story about your customer avatar. Now you have a bare-bones sketch of a story you can insert into your profitable landing page.

Test 9: Illuminate Persuasive Details

Checklists are a perfect way to deliver fast and powerful information at a glance. Consistent data reveals that most traffic sources slow down to read and digest morsels of information that are presented line by line.

Litmus test: Do your bulleted lists showcase only features with no corresponding benefits? If so, add the juicy details. Make each list item include a product spec and an outcome. Ex: Product features X, so you can do Y.

Writing Your Landing Page

No matter how you scored on your landing page diagnostic, you need details about writing the content. Yes, knowing the problem is half the battle. But here’s the solution.

Headline: Make it Clear

Write headlines that outline what your page is about, how the service helps, and why the reader should spend time engaging the content.


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Sub Headlines: Draw Them In

Sub headlines make landing pages easier to read, which keeps traffic engaged with the content. But strategically speaking, you can use sub headers to reinforce main headlines. Specifically, you can show that you understand the frustration after you introduce the solution.


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Checklists: Easy On the Eyes

As we mentioned earlier, bulleted lists enable a helicopter view of features. But without benefits to show those features in action, checklists are wasted space.


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Value Building: This Isn’t About You

Show your landing page traffic who the star of this show is. It’s not you; it’s them. Write stories, sketch out checklists, and forecast results, all while keeping the spotlight on the reader as an individual person. Keep the focus on where they are in the moment.


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Social Proof: Others Love You

Quotes and video testimonials reinforce your claims. If you don’t have them, ask for them.

Bonus tip: Data shows that testimonials perform best when placed near buy buttons.


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Demonstrate the Facts: Because Truth Sells

Data changes everything. Give your readers facts and statistics to chew on. Emotion is a huge part of landing page resonance, but when it comes time to click the buy button, buyers will appeal to their logic.


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Trigger the Emotion: People Buy With It

People find your landing page for emotional reasons. They have a problem and they want it solved. It’s up to you to illuminate that state.


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Yes, writing content for profitable landing pages will take time. A ton of it.

Do you have the spare days to create landing page content that converts?

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