I have a lot of freckles. They mostly vanish during the winter months, but then, during summer: a few days by the pool and they’re back in huge patches across my shoulders, face, and arms.

As I age, I notice there are more and more freckles that stay year-round. In fact, I noticed this year that as my groups of freckles grew, they actually clustered into visible constellations on my skin. This surprised me at first, and now it delights me. I have a very obvious Little Dipper on my leg, an Equuleus near the wrist, the start of Cepheus below the shoulder, and Orion’s Belt on the inside of my right arm. Where there was once something I feared and hated, thought to be an ugly change on flawless skin, there are now reflections of Nature’s miracles right here, for me to see every day. I know this sounds like the start of an Oprah article, but stick with me…

As you grow as a business, you’re going gain more “freckles.” This is a natural result of your business aging and changing its elasticity, its pigmentation, its chemistry. Employees will come and go, management may shift, what was once a bestselling product may no longer have a market. Your marketing may feel outdated or covered up under so much of today’s noise. Does it mean your business is flawed, ugly, aging beyond its model? Not necessarily. Look for the unexpected connections, the new constellations in your business. Combine two outdated products to create something remarkable and worth talking about. Join the romantic myths of your origins with the robustness of your current operations to write a new story. Turn the mirror on yourself and ask, what does the business have in its age that it didn’t have in its youth? Experience? Stories? Design perspective? Strength of a team?

You may be surprised at what you discover, naturally right in front of you. And already there for you to embrace.