Welcome to Episode 87 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast. The question Catherine gets often from start-ups and small businesses is, “Who should I hire first for my marketing staff?”

Some business owners think they want to hire a jack-of-all-trades who can wear 10 hats: handle social media, run ads, write copy, represent the company, etc. But to find someone with peak performance in all those areas is very difficult. It may be better to hire two part-time specialists to meet all those needs. This is often a symbiotic arrangement because skilled freelancers usually want a part-time gig as their “anchor job.”

Here is a quick rundown of the different people you could have on your team:

Marketing director – Someone in your industry with a track record of growing businesses and designing marketing campaigns that yield leads and sales. (A person in this position will be paid more than a marketing coordinator.)

Marketing specialist of some kind – If one of your visions is to rewrite the website and write some serious articles, hire a content specialist. This person can capture the brand voice effortlessly and come to the table with creative ideas. Content specialists should also accept feedback on their work.

Marketing coordinator – This is an entry-level position. The marketing coordinator could even be a virtual assistant. This person schedules blogs, hand-writes cards for customers, schedules social media posts, emails newsletters, and pulls analytic reports.

Marketing Analyst – This person helps you analyze your Google Analytics data. What story is your data telling you? How is your ROI? Contract someone if no one on your staff can do this for you.

Now for the question of how much to pay the people in these various roles. Of course, it depends on your area and the cost of living where you are or the cost of living where they are (if they are virtual), but “the best investment you can make is in your people. You need to pay your people well and give them benefits that actually mean something.” Join us to hear more. Thanks for listening!

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