Do you use online quizzes in your marketing content? You should seriously consider doing so.

Internet quizzes are nothing new. From the days of Live Journal all the way to Buzzfeed, web surfers love to kill a few minutes to take a quiz. They’re finding out what kind of ice cream flavor they are or which house the Harry Potter sorting hat would put them in.

Or they could take an online quiz and convert to a customer. Specifically, Internet quizzes that are used for marketing allow you to…

  • Locate your ideal target market on social media, so that you don’t have to spend so much time on organic SEO or networking at events.
  • Give your prospect something more enticing than an ad, so that you effortlessly increase your click rate everywhere you advertise.
  • Introduce your business to warm traffic in a fun and memorable way, so that you never have to feel as if you’re overselling.
  • Provide an inviting foyer into your landing pages, so that you increase the amount of motivated traffic.
  • Teach your customers about themselves and reveal what their real needs are, so that you showcase empathy before the sales process begins.

In other words, if you’re not using these quizzes to market your products and services, you may be missing out.

Quizzes complete list segmentation for you.

Users will identify their needs for you, so you know where to put them in your marketing plan. When you frame questions in a way that highlights pain points, your prospect will engage more fully.

By extension, you will be able to send your traffic to the right landing page. If you’re split testing based on demographics or needs, then you’re in luck. Based on their answers, you can send the audience member to the appropriate landing page.

You can set up your quiz questions in a way that reveal…

  1. General demos such as gender, age and location.
  2. The specific benefits a prospect seeks.
  3. How and why the audience may struggle.
  4. Their hopes and dreams.
  5. Which products or services they’ve used that didn’t work out.

Quizzes are easier and more interactive than organic SEO.

Truth. Organic SEO is awesome—Bright Planning loves it and we’re good at it—but quizzes are more entertaining and hands-on. It’s a nice change of pace, especially if you’re looking for a quick spike in traffic.

Plus, users are not keenly aware that marketing is happening, which puts the odds in your favor. The key is to make your quiz about the individual person, not about the product. This audience-centricity makes the marketing nearly invisible, though no less effective.

Quizzes find your target market.

Social media ads will be more efficient with quizzes, especially since users are more prone to click on a quiz than an advertisement.

No matter if you run a bakery or a relationship counseling service, you better believe that an Internet quiz will spice up your marketing endeavors.

Your prospects are searching for you, but they might not always find your products and services. Your target market is hungry for an answer, or they’re doing product research, and an online quiz that leads to your landing page will provide a much-needed break.

Quizzes reveal the true pain points you can solve.

Think of it almost as if it were a therapy session. Don’t talk down to your target market, but be honest about the issues that your unique buyer persona faces. As quizzes are much more interactive than other form of advertising, your prospect will be more engaged, especially if the content speaks to them on an intimate level.

They’re looking to take a look at their unique inner-workings and to discover more information about themselves. Whether it’s a personality quiz or a knowledge test, you can create questions that allow prospects to discover what they need from your business.

Quizzes open the door. Now what about the rest of the customer journey?

As mentioned, quizzes are a fun and exciting way to lead motivated traffic to your sales and landing pages. However, that’s only half the battle. If you’ve already used an Internet quiz to acquire new, motivated leads, or you plan to in the near future, make sure you have a successful marketing campaign to convert your leads.