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Generation Z, which comprises those born between 1997 and 2012, now makes up 40% of all consumers. That means it’s vitally important for your business to understand what they want from your brand and how they want you to share it with them.

This entails more than merely tweaking how you presently market your brand to millennials—a generation that did remember a time when cellphones and the internet did not exist. With Gen Z, you’re dealing with an entire group of innovative, ambitious, open-minded, and creative people who have only existed in a time when technology prevailed.

Before you begin marketing to this generation, make sure you know the Gen Z persona


Each generation has its own set of values and beliefs. For Gen Z, the key is inclusivity. Nearly 50% of these consumers identify as a racial or ethnic minority, which makes them the most diverse generation yet. If one of the main goals or brand values of your business is inclusivity, the relatability factor is in your favor.

Another major value for Gen Z is creative expression. They want the freedom and opportunity to express themselves using the medium they know best—the internet. Want to attract them to your business? This means brand activation events, creative social media contests, strategic brand collaborations, and interactive sensory experiences are absolutely the way to go.


It’s important to know which social platforms Gen Z likes to spend their time on the most so your targeted marketing strategies will find them where they are. According to Business Insider, the main social platforms they check on a daily basis are Instagram (65%), YouTube (62%), and Snapchat (51%).

You don’t need to get your company active on each of these platforms, but do your research and figure out where it would make sense to have a presence. We highly recommend YouTube to clients, especially since creating a video marketing strategy can set your company up for success, but only if you can create shareable, meaningful, and quality videos.

Needs and Wants

Gen Z will relate to your brand far more easily if you check some of the boxes on their list of needs and wants. This population wants to connect with businesses that vibe with their personal ethos:

  • Brands that are authentic and share their story on their website.
  • Brands that are transparent and show all the different sides of their business.
  • Brands that are open-minded and aren’t afraid to speak up for what their company believes in. 
  • Brands that are innovative and are using technology in new and exciting ways, such as videos and interactive graphics

Make 2020 the year you start segmenting and targeting your marketing efforts toward attracting the users you want advocating for your brand. By learning more about the Gen Z persona, you will boost trust and brand loyalty with a generation that will dictate consumerism for years to come.

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