Seth Godin recently said, “Ideas spread horizontally, not from the top down. They go from side to side.”

You know about your business and I know about marketing. You know more about what impact you want to make, and I know more about marketing’s impact than you do—or else you probably wouldn’t be visiting my website or reading this.

But one does not stand higher than the other.

Neither one of us is a guru—are we? How do we know? We don’t. What we do know is this: we both carry the desire to make changes to the corners of our world, for growth in the work we’re proud to do, for hope that we can overturn prevailing systems and turn off the white noise for one sweet minute. I am not looking down from a ledge at you. We are standing side by side, within one grasp of a handshake. That’s how ideas are successful: people permitting each other and most importantly, ourselves, to step into another’s shoes and learn to see everything that could be possible from a different angle.

It could even be possible as soon as tomorrow. Or today.