So, a little A&P to kick off this post… The brain is a social organ. It continuously responds to its environment with the help of a ton of neurons. The neurons in your brain formed just before and after birth and are built to last a lifetime. But they get run down, mostly by repetitive actions (sitting in front of a computer or packing boxes in a factory line, things like that). Creativity and, most importantly in my field of work, creative solutions, need neurons firing like crazy. I can’t sit in front of the laptop all day and expect to churn out the most brilliant marketing strategy for my clients that will get them the results they want and need.

So, combine the need for stimulation (focused stimulation, that is) with the 20-20-20 rule for preventing eye strain from sitting in front of a laptop 8 hours a day. Add a dash of primetime TV inspiration, and you get something like this:

Scandal - The office wall at Olivia Pope and Associates

See that window behind the group?

It’s a lifesaver.

ABC’s Scandal is crazy drama, but the one thing that remains constant as it prepares to launch its 4th season (Sept 25th) is the clever “client wall” at Olivia Pope & Associates, the best crisis management firm in the world. When I saw the characters taping up headshots, photos, bits of paper and notes to the office window (they start fresh each episode), I realized that was exactly what I needed to accomplish a fresh perspective for my own projects.

My client wall isn’t as glamorous as this one, but it does the job, and surprisingly keeps me organized in addition to reminding me to get the heck out of the BOX for business growth. Do you have an Olivia Pope client wall? A whiteboard? Let me know in the comments what works to stimulate your creative solutions.