Every good marketing strategist knows that live video, whether on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope or elsewhere is currently showing huge traction in audience engagement and website conversions. I often recommend integrating live or recorded video components in client marketing strategies and plans, especially for the coming year.

Today, we kicked off our own Facebook Live series, which will air every Friday at 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific. From time to time we may go live in the afternoon instead of the morning, but it will always happen on Fridays…it’s a great way to end the week by talking big picture strategy as well as addressing important topics that top marketers may not be discussing at the moment (remember when EVERYONE was talking Snapchat and ignoring the big developments being made in mobile and chatbots?)

So here you go: a 30-minute educational session where I dive deep into the KEY SECRET to boosting online sales and conversions. This key step is ignored or goes unrealized by 90% of businesses–now you can be in the top 10% that know this secret.


Join me every Friday at 4PM EST / 1pm PST on Facebook Live!

Questions? I’ll answer them online live on Fridays! Send your marketing questions to: info@brightplanning.com with the subject line: “Facebook Live question”