Originally posted 10.18.2017
Updated 06.19.2019

We get a number of inquiries in which people ask us, “What is content writing, exactly?”

Even those who could give you a definition don’t always understand how to execute content writing effectively.

Never fear, in Episode 58 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hosts Catherine Campbell and Jason Pyles help you understand more about what content writing is and how to do it correctly.

We discuss the importance of writing your content in such a way that you’re always thinking three steps in advance. We also talk about the multitude of ways that you can implement and share your work across various platforms.

Content marketing is the art of providing valuable information to your target audience while simultaneously achieving one or more of the following objectives: driving your audience back to your website, closing a sale, or lead generation.

You should release some of your very best material when creating content because it’s important to provide genuine value to those who consume it.

So, join us for Episode 58 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast to learn more!

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