Originally posted 7.17.2018
Updated 8.6.19

Back-to-school marketing campaigns are for more than just the big box stores. This magical time of year is an advantageous season due to the shared, localized experience. In Episode 85 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, we discuss why late summer’s school prep campaigns work so well for any brand.

We all remember learning about rules, how to break rules, hierarchies, friendship, endings and new beginnings. Look at those universal experiences and universal emotions and ask yourself how you could conjure those same sentiments and feelings in a marketing campaign. Back-to-school is a nostalgic time for all of us.

Whether you make products or provide a service, you should address this question: “What school experiences do you think you could duplicate either emotionally or atmospherically or even just in parody?” Can you find a way to create a journey for your hero in the back-to-school archetype? It may be that person imagining a fresh start or thinking about how things could go differently now. Join us to learn more!

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