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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re taking a spring break from mid-February to mid-April 2018 to plot, plan and build Season 2. Check out the archives with classic marketing lessons, can’t miss tips, and our bad puns. We’ll return this spring with fresh episodes and special gifts for our listeners!  All episodes are available on iTunes, Soundcloud and TuneIn.

Join Catherine Campbell and her co-hosts, Jason and Natalie Pyles, every Monday as they dive into current marketing topics and questions that are on the minds of sustainable start-ups and established brands.

Get marketing strategies and copywriting tips for: email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, messaging and brand positioning, website optimization, sustainability campaigns, public relations, and how to get the best work from your team.

The Bright Planning Marketing podcast helps companies and entrepreneurs market better while they’re making the world a better place.

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Episode 75: How to Connect People to Your Ideas Through Marketing
In Episode 75 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your host Catherine Campbell and the producer Jason Pyles talk about how to connect people to your ideas...
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Episode 74: Tips for Writing Fast Blog Posts
Of all the duties that marketers take upon themselves, it seems like the most daunting job is writing fast blog posts. In Episode 74 of the Bright Planning Mark...
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Episode 73: Marketing for Artists
This week on the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, we received a question from an author named Rose. She asked for advice on marketing for artists by continuin...
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