Weekly episodes to help your business market better and be better.

Join Catherine Campbell and her co-hosts, Jason and Natalie Pyles, every Monday as they dive into current marketing topics and questions that are on the minds of sustainable start-ups and established brands.

Get marketing strategies and copywriting tips for: email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, messaging and brand positioning, website optimization, sustainability campaigns, public relations, and how to get the best work from your team.

The Bright Planning Marketing podcast helps companies and entrepreneurs market better while they’re making the world a better place.

NOTE: The podcast celebrated its 100th episode at the end of 2018. While the show is currently on hiatus, we welcome you to catch up on the first two seasons which are chock full of timeless advice and information. 



Podcast Replay: Episode 58—Content Writing & How to Do it Right
Originally posted 10.18.2017 Updated 06.19.2019 We get a number of inquiries in which people ask us, “What is content writing, exactly?” Even those who cou...
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Ep 100: You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby (Plus: 2019 Marketing Predictions)
Woohoo! It’s Episode 100 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast! That means we’ve brought you at least 33 and a half hours of free marketing advice! Most...
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Ep 99: Our Best Marketing Storytelling Tips in 20 Minutes
In Episode 99 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, we’re wrapping up Season 2 — our Girl Power Season — with an awesome show that recaps the highligh...
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Ep 98: How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell
If you want to learn how to write product descriptions that sell, Episode 98 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast can help! Naturally, you can always observ...
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