Confession: there was a time in my professional copywriting life when I could not give an example of a squeeze page.

Much less a high-converting squeeze page.

Since then I’ve gotten a little wiser about this CRO stuff.

That’s because, through years of split testing, tinkering, experimenting, and cursing under my breath, I discovered the most powerful method to generate quality leads.

Before I define squeeze pages, I’ll show you some of the major benefits that will improve your customer relationships and increase sales.

Specifically, squeeze pages are designed to:

  • Leverage your product and service offerings through a preview of value.
  • Introduce your business to a warm audience that can and will benefit from working with you.
  • Open an ongoing conversation between you and your constituents, and establish the framework for repeat conversions.
  • Re-engage prospects that have lost interest or otherwise forgot about your business.
  • Asks your prospects for very little and gives them maximized returns on the investment of time.
  • Relinquish the “best kept secret” status from which so many small firms suffer.
  • Require little time on your part and provide one of the most cost-effective forms of lead generation.

You get the point, right? So now for the big question…

What’s a Squeeze Page, Exactly?

Squeeze Page


1. A digital marketing puzzle piece that delivers value in exchange for contact information.

2. Short and impactful content that creates an irresistible offer.

Let’s pretend you’re doing some Googling, searching for that ideal website. Then you find the meta title that describes exactly what you’re looking for.


Wait, is that the website I want?

Instead of a home page, you see a square box that asks for your email in exchange for something of value.

That’s a squeeze page.

Expert marketers design these bad boys to capture contact information and grow their email list as a result. In exchange for an email/phone number, the marketer gives away something that’s not only valuable, but also free.

Don’t get this confused with landing pages. Big difference.

Squeeze Pages vs. Landing Pages

Landing pages serve one purpose: to sell a product through education. Yes, squeeze pages “sell” in the sense that an exchange is made, but the framing of the offer is completely different.

For one, there’s the length. In general, squeeze page content consists of a headline and a handful of bullets. Landing pages are vastly more complex and require more of the prospect. (More, as in time and money.)

There is one other similarity between landing and squeeze pages: there are ones that make money and form relationships. And there are others that equate to wasted time.

That’s why we’ve outlined the following examples of high-converting squeeze pages.

Example 1: Smart Insights

Before we dive in to the nitty-gritty, let’s establish the FREE angle as an implied pillar of high-converting squeeze pages. Prospects will gladly fork over their contact info, but only if they receive something in return.

This short but impactful squeeze page will capture leads, because the content showcases…

  • An understanding of the prospects’ needs. While the offering is not niche or highly targeted, the squeeze page content offers resources. Specifically, these resources cater to individuals in the digital marketing space.
  • Simple-to-use material. Templates allow users to paint by numbers. In a world of extreme busyness (especially for digital marketers) easiness remains a huge selling point.
  • A variety of resources that serve the same goal. Templates, guides, and alerts allow users to put dents in a project from multiple angles. In short, this sweetens the deal and opens the door for continuing correspondence.

Example 2: NetApp

As technology evolves so must business. That means there will be new problems that must be solved—ideally in a proactive way. With cloud-based technology, entrepreneurs have an opportunity to store content, collaborate, and distribute.

This squeeze page hits the mark, as the content…

  • Protects prospects from losing priceless information. Hence, the offer bypasses pain and frustration.
  • Explains in short but impactful details how the offer will help.
  • Involves multiple benefits, from saving money to safeguarding a business.
  • Reveals what’s possible and previously unrealized.

Example 3: Lifetime

The thing is, even brick-and-mortar businesses can use squeeze pages. In fact, this digital marketing technique is one of the most cost-effective and powerful ways to increase foot traffic and find new discoverers.

This particular splash page is successful, as the content:

  • Offers a hard-to-find service. A free pass is difficult to come by…and when you do find one, there is often fine print that negates the value.
  • Allows the business to deliver coupons and other incentives for those who pass on a full membership.
  • Projects future results and provides the first step toward getting there.
  • Makes the case simply and in as few words as possible.