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Story is the lifeline of your brand.


October 1, 2018


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A step-by-step and self-paced online program to help business owners who are stuck without a story and a marketing plan gain BOTH within 60 days


Marketers and business owners whose brand stories are masterfully told drive significantly better returns for customers, team members, and their bottom line. 

The trick is that they combine their compelling story with a narrative-driven marketing plan that lands them in front of the right people at the right time.

We help companies develop stories because stories, not marketing tactics, are timeless.


Tactics change year over year, vulnerable to the sudden evolution and whims of technology, the market, and the platforms you pay hard-earned money to…but your story is what you and you alone own.

No one can take your story from you.

Your fans, your employees, and your customers can influence your story, but no one can own it but you and your company.


  • Brands that use storytelling to create a meaningful connection with their customers gain, on average, 46% more market share.
  • Meaningful, story-driven campaigns increase the likelihood of someone buying your service or product by 6.6%.

“Storytelling is a natural gift within us all. I have business owners come to me when they’re in trouble. They tell me:

  • I don’t know what to say or post on social media this week.
  • Our sales have hit a plateau and we don’t have a lot of runway left.  
  • Our ads aren’t converting. 
  • People are unsubscribing from our email list left and right. 
  • I think we’ve gained a new customer…but they don’t come back to purchase again. 
  • We don’t stick out from our competition.
  • I don’t think our origin story is really exciting.

They think they should just throw more money at advertising, but that won’t fix the problem. 

I’m here to tell you that all of this is based on a misconception that storytelling is some fluffy, lofty pursuit and the wrongfully biased myth that it’s nice to have a story but it’s not necessary to have one. Stories drive connection…connection drives cash flow…and cash flow is the lifeblood of your business.

–Catherine Campbell
Agency Director


Most brand owners (and even marketers!) avoid story-driven campaigns and crafting a brand story because the technical parts get in the way. 

The thing that psychs out most business owners from writing their Signature Brand Story is the technicality of it all

They freeze up at the idea of mastering the craft of storytelling so they just want to avoid it altogether.

We don’t blame them. 

The idea of character development, illustrating the customer on a journey, developing a plot, deepening drama…

  • It sounds exhausting…
  • …time consuming…
  • …a little boring…
  • …and definitely outside most business owner’s skillsets.

Then: create a marketing plan on top of it?

It feels impossible.

What is the Signature Brand Story program?


It’s a proprietary method and step-by-step course to help business owners who are stuck without a story and a marketing plan gain BOTH within 60 days. 

(And without spending a fortune, working on a curriculum schedule that doesn’t fit your life, or requiring you to show up in person to some florescent-light-filled conference room.) 

Delivered online through an in-depth course containing video, audio, downloadable worksheets, and real-time feedback on your story and plan from our team, you can participate in the Signature Brand Story program from anywhere in the world, on your own schedule.

All you need is your laptop and a commitment to do the work.


July 1-September 1: Pre-register for first access and details, receive the Class #1 FREE & a Special Online Training with our director

October 1: Signature Brand Story registration OFFICIALLY opens to the public

October 15: Signature Brand Story registration CLOSES for the year

How Will Signature Brand Story Help You Grow? 

  • Get clear on how to convey what your brand is really selling
  • Discover the details that make up your unforgettable brand story
  • Craft your Signature Brand Story in 60 days or less
  • Walk away with 3 additional winning Story-Driven Campaign Ideas
  • Stick out among your competitors
  • Use our Marketing Planning expertise to create your story-driven marketing plan, ready to implement and easy to manage
  • Grow your company culture, support your mission and reduce employee turnover

You will have more inbound leads, more prospects, more conversions and ultimately more revenue because you’ve made your brand a Signature Brand.

Signature Brand Story officially launches October 1, 2018. 


Pre-register to get details before September 1 and you’ll receive an invitation to a special one-time-only, in-depth free training by agency director, Catherine Campbell. 

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The Bright Planning team is a team of creative writers…we have professionally studied creative writing and the centuries-old art of storytelling. We’ve written award-winning novels, essays, and poetry. We’ve taught writing in workshops and graduate programs.

And we’ve helped build startups, small businesses, and global brands with smart marketing campaigns.

We’re combining our talents to help grow positive-impact brands like yours.

12 years professional storytelling

10 years crafting marketing campaigns

1.5 years developing the Signature Brand Story program