How do you take a break, go on vacation or have a life when you have a content releasing schedule that never stops? How can you prepare a little extra evergreen content for unexpected health issues and family emergencies? Today your hosts Catherine Campbell and Jason Pyles coach you through some good options.

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We also want to teach you the nuts and bolts of how to actually manage taking a break from content creation without losing your audience.

First of all, plan some time to create some extra content early. Writing in batches is very efficient. Catherine has some great tips in the episode for batch writing.

Second, you need to assign someone to be there to double check the release of the content while you’re gone. Whether it’s your blog posts, video, audio, newsletters, or infographics make sure someone is responsible.

Most importantly, you’ll need a content calendar so you can be consistent with your content publishing.

“A content calendar is definitely going to be one of those things where it just takes a few hours of planning, but in a situation that draws you away, for fun or for anything else, you know that you’re covered and you know that your team is covered and you’re still being consistent when it comes to your content publishing.”

Your calendar can be flexible so that if something relevant comes up, you would obviously shuffle content around to make room.

If you get behind or if you get overwhelmed with your content calendar, don’t give up! Just jump right back in.

We also have a few bonus tips you do NOT want to miss, including one that may seem to go against your expectations! Tune in to find out.


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