The Summer Sessions: Learn How to Grow Your Business Now

Feeling overwhelmed by marketing during a pandemic? Facing a seasonal sales dip? You’re not alone. COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on small businesses’ revenue. As a result, millions of Americans employed by our nation’s smallest businesses are at risk of unemployment.

Now is the time to pivot. It’s time to ask for help and learn new ways to market your business. That’s why we’ve launched The Summer Sessions—a series of 5 live Zoom classes designed to help you grow your marketing knowledge as an entrepreneur or small business owner.

Whether through your website, email newsletter, or social media content, your marketing needs to be flexible. Setting yourself up for success with your marketing content will help you survive the current atmosphere as well as other challenges that may arise during your business’s existence.

These 60-90 minute virtual classes will include a deep dive presentation about what’s working in the current environment, worksheets, extra goodies, and a Q&A portion that will go as long as necessary. Our agency uses many of the same strategies we’ll cover in these sessions to grow our clients’ businesses into multi-million dollar brands. 

Learn more about each of the 5 upcoming sessions below. And don’t worry if you can’t make the live session—you will receive the full video replay including the Q&A and worksheets.


Session 1: 10 Marketing Steps to Future-Proof Your Business

July 24 @ 12pm EST

Based on our signature audit process with clients, we’ll help you identify 10 potential leaks in your marketing and how you can fix them—even on a small budget or in a time crunch.

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Session 2: What’s Working (and What to Stop Doing!) in Social Media 

July 31 @ 12pm EST

If you have ever spent an hour crafting an Instagram post only to have it garner a few likes and zero engagement, you know how perplexing and deflating social media can be. In this session, we’re going to give you the freshest updates on the Big Two (Facebook and Instagram), insider info and hot tips on what’s working now, what to STOP doing immediately because it’s hurting your organic reach, and why you don’t need 10,000 or 100k followers to make sales. We’ll also touch on Pinterest and LinkedIn. Bring your questions! 

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Session 3: Write Emails That Convert and Sell

August 7 @ 12pm EST

Social media platforms and paid advertising can be fickle, but the one audience you can always rely on is your email list. After all, they’ve already taken the first step to trusting you. But how do you nurture and sell to them without feeling gross? And what if you’re feeling embarrassed because you haven’t sent an email in the last 6 months? We’ll show you what’s working RIGHT NOW in email, why it’s coming back in a BIG way, and how to give your list the royal treatment they deserve so they in turn become loyal customers. 

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Session 4: Be Yourself: How to Create Attractive Content In a Flash

RESCHEDULED!! NOW August 28 @ 12pm EST

“Content” is one of those words that simply psych people out of their game. Business owners put a lot of pressure on themselves to churn out a ton of valuable, engaging content and then beat themselves up when they feel burned out, imperfect, inauthentic, or fall behind. Whether it’s a blog, podcast, video, newsletter, social media post, or updating your website, we’ll show you how to shift your content mindset from “perfect” to “perfectly you,” how to save HOURS each week by batching content, how to turn 1 piece of content into 8 pieces, what’s worth spending time on and what’s not, and how you can update old content not only for your audience but also for Google. 

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Session 5: The 7-Point Checklist To Make Your Website a Customer Magnet

August 21 @ 12pm EST

Is your website repelling visitors? Are you noticing a lot of web traffic but very little sales? During this class, we’ll go through 7 key areas on your website where you could be losing customers and money! You’ll discover the secrets of the user experience, sales psychology, and copywriting science, including button colors, word choices, font formatting, calls to action, effective product descriptions, page information Google will love or punish you for, and more. 

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