Press releases can be time consuming but ultimately are a crucial part of your marketing and communications strategy. You should be putting out press releases or achieving some sort of media placement once per quarter at the very least. Press releases are a simple way to distribute news that can offer a reputation boost. But how can you write a news release that grabs the media’s attention, gets shared among readers, and makes a significant impression?

Here are two methods we use for every one of our clients who need public relations help in their marketing strategy.

Tip #1: Double up.

Write two versions of your press release, one that’s standard format for journalists, and one that has a human-interest twist or element…more like a blog post or an interview format. This way, you can cover and pitch two sections of your media outlets at once: Human Interest/Community News and Business News. Typically, one section may have room over the other and by simply altering the format and approach of the content slightly while still maintaining all the crucial information, you increase your chances of placing your release.

Tip #2: Talk numbers.

Include a number or statistic in your headline or first line. Numbers talk! If there’s a fascinating industry statistic that ties in with your news, include it to grab people’s attention right out of the gate. If your startup saw unprecedented growth within its first six months, include that percentage in the headline or excerpt. Also, journalists love supplementary infographics or “number drill down” call-out boxes because you’re saving time and research on their behalf. Be kind to your media people, and it will pay off.