So now you have this snazzy new marketing plan. You’ve got the four media types well represented and you know the plan is a good length for your marketing and sales goals. Now what?

Chances are, between maintaining your web presence—with original blog content and social media accounts, as well as your website—and the holy grail of a successful business, fulfilling your customers’ needs, you’re busy! Whew! How are you ever going to implement this marketing plan you know will help your company grow and succeed?

You need help. One person could wear all the hats necessary to implement a well-considered marketing plan, but it has the potential to overwhelm you, and quickly. By assigning each task from your marketing plan to a uniquely qualified person, you’re ensuring you have the best execution possible without shouldering the burden on your own.

Here are a few key players and what they can do for you.

A copywriter

A copywriter can give you fresh advertising content for all your Internet footprints. They can create a handful of short, to-the-point and snappy taglines for you to rotate through your website and social media. Improving your existing ad content with a few key phrases, you can keep your rotation of ads—especially online—from becoming rote and easy for your target audience to ignore.

A photographer or videographer

A photographer (on staff or freelance) can take photos of your product for your website, provide headshots and behind-the-scenes company story photos, or produce images you can use on product packaging, all with a talented eye and experience you may not have. You can tailor your image request for exactly what you need, and you avoid the chance of a stock photo showing up on a competitor’s product, thus losing the exclusivity of your brand. In the days of digital content moving at the fastest speed, short and sweet videos concerning your product’s appeal make for a compelling message in bite-sized chunks. An amateur effort in videography doesn’t inspire confidence in your brand or your company.

A graphic designer

Your website is your biggest asset in the whole marketing strategy—it says the most about your company and your mission, delivers carefully considered product and service information, and provides the consumer the best means of contacting you. If your logo and graphics do not reflect the feel of your brand, flatter the placement of your product, or convey the satisfaction of existing customers, you’re missing an opportunity to stand out. You have three seconds to catch someone’s eye before they click away. Showing the emotional landscape of your brand with professional graphics and site design rather than cluttering pages with a bunch of words is definitely the way to go.

A web coordinator

Having someone on your team to load content and monitor your website, troubleshoot basic technological problems, and maintain and update your social media is invaluable. A consistent presence on the Internet is vital to the repetition necessary to put your products in front of your customers in as many locations with as much frequency as possible.  Someone in charge of that keeps your brand’s voice consistent while you focus on running the business.

An advertiser/strategist

In conjunction with your web coordinator, an advertising strategy expert can analyze where best to place your advertising dollars for the biggest impact. They’ll be able to increase your exposure, and have the know-how to get your message to the right consumers, and they can track the data for online campaigns such as Adwords and Facebook to maximize your reach.

A project manager

Perhaps your marketing plan has a lot of pieces. Maybe you have three or four contracted workers (or dedicated staff) to fulfill the various strategies being implemented. Timing with your marketing plan can be critical, especially with the roll out of a new product or service in conjunction with your advertising. Hiring a project manager to oversee the steps helps guarantee you produce the strongest marketing plan with the maximum impact possible without losing momentum or opportunities.

The more your business grows from new leads coming in from all this fantastic marketing strategy you’ve implemented, the more help you’ll need. Getting the right people on board at the right stage helps you conduct your business seamlessly, so your customers look at what you can do for them and know you’ve got them covered.