The power of Pinterest is undeniable. The platform grew to more than 335 million active users worldwide last year, and now it holds the ranking as the third-largest social network in the U.S. right behind Facebook and Instagram. But should your business start its own Pinterest account? That depends on a few things. 

Pinterest is an image sharing platform that allows users to save—or “pin”—different recipes, style inspirations, home decor layouts, and other ideas they discover to their account on various Pinterest folders—or “boards”—that they create. There are more than 2 billion searches on Pinterest every month, which makes some argue that the social network is just as much a search engine. 

Does My Business Need a Pinterest Account?

While those statistics might make the platform seem appealing to jump into, your brand won’t see much return on your investment of time and effort unless your brand is right for the platform. 

While Pinterest searches are always changing, there are a few major categories that continue to rise high in the search ranks, including food, home, beauty, and health and wellness. But Pinterest also follows current trends and movements that may be happening. For example, trending searches for April 2020 included “parenting” undoubtedly due to many people switching their schedules to work from home. 

Besides fitting into one of the major categories listed above, your business should also have a readily available library of high-resolution, shareable photos. Pinterest is highly curated by users, which means your photos need to look the part. A quick scroll through your Pinterest feed will give you an idea of what you’re competing against.

What Audience Will I Reach Through Pinterest?

Pinterest is a predominantly female millennial market. Seventy-two percent of global Pinterest users are female and 1 out of every 2 millennials use the platform each month. Make sure to factor this into your decision and plan your content ideas accordingly. 

How Can I Use Pinterest to Promote My Business? 

If you’ve decided Pinterest is one channel your brand absolutely needs to be present on, the first step is creating a business account. Use this guide to set one up. 

It’s important to remember to always link your pins back to a page on your website. Linking is one of the great things about Pinterest because it adds to the number of backlinks to your website, which improves SEO, while also driving traffic and potential sales to your business.

In fact, Pinterest drives 3.8 times greater sales than the average digital campaign.

Once you’ve created your profile, set up a minimum of three Pinterest boards with at least six pins corresponding to each board. Make sure each of those pins has a short description and link back to your website. 

You also want to enable Rich Pins for your business account. These add extra details to your pins from your website. There are four different types of Rich Pins: 

  • Product Pins make shopping easier for customers. These add real-time pricing, availability, and information on where to purchase your product to the pin.
  • Recipe Pins are great for restaurants or chefs. These will show your recipe’s ingredients, cooking time, and serving size.
  • Article Pins are perfect for sharing press about your brand. These highlight the article headline, author, and story description.
  • App Pins help increase downloads if you have an app. These show an “install” button in your pin to make downloading easy.

It’s important to stay on top of your posting schedule for Pinterest. Many recommend pinning five times per day. The platform rewards consistency over quantity, though, which means as long as you stay on a steady posting schedule, you will continue to see a return on your investment.

We recommend posting a new pin to your account at least once every weekday if you can. 

Pinterest is an entirely different platform when it comes to the social media landscape. But if you think your brand can make it work, take inspiration from what your competitors are doing. Also,  think about what you yourself would be searching for. If you create that connection to your brand through your imagery, new customers are bound to take notice.

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