The good news: We’ve had a TON of interest and registrations for our local WNC & Asheville nonprofit workshop, “Digital Marketing Strategies for Year-End Giving.”

The crazy-good news: My co-host, Aaron Sarver, is Communications Director for Campaign for Southern Equality (you should check them out). Anyway, the LGBTQ marriage equality movement has grown in massive leaps and bounds throughout the Southeast in the last couple weeks. Yay! This has prompted more legal actions and court dates to keep securing civil liberties for all. But my awesome co-host Aaron and I have to cancel our workshop due to unexpected scheduling conflicts.

So, we’ve removed this event from our Events section for the time being.

Those of you who registered for our workshop will be promptly refunded and updated on your registration status.

The still-good news: Aaron and I are going to take all of the amazing strategies, digital tricks and case studies we’re gathering right now from this viral success to offer a SPRING FUNDRAISING WORKSHOP. Stay tuned. Thanks for understanding, and we love you all!